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That was a new experience.

Last night I performed at the opening gala for the new exhibit of chopines at the Bata Shoe Museum. I got to wear my pretty new dress (go back a post for the pictures) which is a real treat to try and get on the subway at rush hour, let me tell you!

Most of the time was spent holding up the dress- we weren't supposed to talk to or really interact with the audience. Which is, as you might guess, a little boring. However, there was a brief little presentation thing involving a pair of twelve inch tall platform shoes, a pair of six inch tall platform shoes, five actors in historical costumes and three aerialists. Basically, I was escorted through the hall carrying the short shoes, another actress carried in a golden chair, and the aerialists escorted in a third actress wearing the tall shoes, I helped her switch from the tall to the short shoes while the aerialists got all twisty and bendy, then helped her climb up a spiral staircase (six inch tall platforms are wobbly!)and the tall shoes got passed up the staircase by the aerialists to a waiting actor with a silver tray, and the shoes were carried up to the third floor, where the exhibit was. The whole thing was called "The Rise of the Chopine." It's clever. Go with it.

Everything went peachy keen until we got to the climbing up the stairs bit. The other actress was using my hand to balance. I was having trouble keeping up, because my hoops took up a lot of room. Suddenly, I felt a tug.

And a breeze.

A very nice grandmotherly look lady with a glass of wine in her hand (and most likely several inside) yanked up my skirts and hollered "ARE YOU WEARIN' CHOPINES?"

This has never happened at a ren faire. Which just goes to show you, ren faire types have better manners than some of Toronto's A-List.

I'm scared.
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