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And everything was going so well...

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Merrily I was sewing along. I actually finished one of the chalk bags that was supposed to be the sisterly one and the sisterly one's fiance's Christmas presents. I have everything cut out and ready to go for the other- I just had to locate my elastic (which I bought last week and only found earlier today, but that's another story).

Any way, I was so proud of myself for the bags, that I took out the green velvet for Nick's pirate coat. I got all the major pieces cut out of the velvet- fronts, backs, sleeves, cuffs and facings. I attached the facings to the lining (which has been done for a long time) so it's all ready to do the fancy shmancy "bag lining" thing.

I was about to start assembling the actual outside piece. Step one- pockets!

Now, I've never done pockets properly before. I did them on MY pirate coat, but they were a) far too high and b) a royal ugly mess. I thought I had them figured out. Luckily, I tried it on scraps first! Ugh. What I ended up making is not even vaguely rescuable. The problem is, I believe, that the instructions I'm attempting to follow have all the pieces of fabric and the thread in exactly the same colour. Sure, this may be the "proper" way to do it, but it sure as heck doesn't photograph well!

My attempt has now been thrown across the room in a fit of rage. I don't want to work on the coat at all right now. Maybe I'll feel better if I finish the bag.
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