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April Fools Joke on Myself

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I woke up this morning and started to head downstairs for breakfast. As I passed the spare room, I found that things I KNOW had been in drawers in my room had been taken and carefully placed on the bed.

Ha ha ha, you say. What a wacky April Fools prank! Someone is rearranging your stuff while you sleep! Oh what hilarious japes!

The problem is, I was the only one in the house last night. The doors and windows are all closed and locked.

However, I know I used to sleepwalk as a kid. My Mom told me about a couple of times when she'd see me wandering around the house late at night that I didn't remember at all the next morning. So I'm guessing that I've started sleepwalking and in my sleep I took things from my drawers, moved them to the other room, went back to my room, closed the drawers and went back to bed. Yay.

My only conclusion is that I have managed to play an April Fools day joke on myself. And I have SERIOUSLY WEIRDED MYSELF OUT!!!!

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