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Got the Mono

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About three weeks ago, I lost my voice. Completely. Not a squeak would come out.

"This be weird," says I. But I shrugged it off. I had just done an educational faire and I was shouting for two and a half hours straight. Anyway, my voice came back. It just took longer than normal.

A few days later, I notice a rather large lump on my neck. Like, about the size of a quarter.

"This be weird," says I. And so, I went to the walk in clinic. They asked if I had any other symptoms, but I had once again JUST done a faire (seriously. Came home from the faire, got changed, went to the clinic) and I said I was tired and sore but there were perfectly good expenations for that. They said it was probably a salivary gland stone, and that I should eat sour candies so that I pushed the stone out. If it didn't go away, I was given a requisition to go and get my neck ultrasounded (is that even a word?).

A few days passed. I got a huge- I mean HUGE- bruise on my leg. I didn't remember hitting my leg on anything.

"This be weird," says I. But I shrugged it off as probably landing wrong in one of the many rolls I did for my two stage combat fights.

Then I did the Chatham faire. And I was grumbly and pouty all through the evening shows. This is not like me. Last year I danced to almost every song. This year, I sat and did nothing.

Then I did the Milton Faire. I couldn't remember my lines. I was on the verge of tears almost the whole day, actually breaking down and sobbing like a baby whenever I was backstage during the evening show because I was so bloody tired. I didn't want to do any street bits and I even spent a good chunk of the Sunday just sitting in the pub. Not like me at all. I figured, with all the extra scripts that had been added in the last two weeks, I was just burnt out.

I started working at Home Depot. I nearly fell asleep through most of the computer training.

All this time, I've still got the lump on my neck. I started getting more lumps. I went to my doctor.

All those little unexplained things? They add up to one big explainable thing. I've got mono. Woo.
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On June 13th, 2010 09:59 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
Oh, I'm so sorry to hear it! :(

I hope it goes away QUICKLY! Try to take care of yourself and good luck with the down time - I know how miserable it is just laying around the house doing nothing except worrying about everything you should be doing!

Hang in there!
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On June 14th, 2010 03:09 am (UTC), spinolio commented:
Spending time at the pub
Maybe you are a somnambule pub frequenter. It would explain the bruises and the tiredness
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On June 14th, 2010 11:44 pm (UTC), citrus_lunchbox commented:
Ohhhh fun... like I said on FB I've been through something similar. You just haven't kissed enough people :D (it's called the "kissing disease". Anyways I know all kinds of boring useless facts about it BUT essentially you just need to take it easy, sleep, rest, watch some DVDs and don't over do it. Get better soon and hopefully the worst of the symptoms will pass quickly!

Hang in there!
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