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Halloween is coming!

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Good gravy, I love Halloween. And this year I'm actually getting costumes ready more than a day in advance. The past two years I got my halloween costumes on the 30th or 31st. Yay! And there's even THOUGHT put into the costume, and I'm getting all matchy-matchy with Nick, too. Awwwww... even though it means I need to make a second costume so we can do the matchy matchy thing.

Nick and I are going as The Joker and Harley Quinn. Nick's costume is sort of a Ceasar Romero era Joker with tail coat, green shirt and purple vest, while I'm pretty slavishly copying nurse Harley from Arkham Asylum (I don't play action games. I love this game.)

Now, where oh where do you get a purple suit with tails? Well, you could go out and buy one. You could even rent one. But if you're me, you sew one even if you've never sewn anything like this before.

I actually managed to find purple suiting at fabric land for stupid cheap. It's got a very fine black and purple check pattern to it. That's being used to make the tail coat, the pants and the vest. The lapels of the tail coat are made from a bright purple poly-satin, and the whole thing is lined in orange. Why orange? Because it's an assault to the eyes, that's why. The tie will be green (I've got some green silk that I might make it from, or I might just buy one) and the shirt will also be green (and will DEFINITELY be bought. I'm not good at shirts)

For the coat I used McCalls 8701, which is actually a collection of Patriotic Costumes: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty. The Uncle Sam coat (with added lining and proper interfacing) is not too bad of a pattern. The pants are just pull on pyjama pants, though, and if I'm putting in this much effort I might as well go all the way and do the pants properly.

To that end, I got a Burda pattern that is actually for a full three piece suit. I'm just using the pants pattern though. I'm not sure the vest will work- Ceasar Romero had the short little waist covering vest, this is a full five button vest. I think that just might be too much purple and he won't look like the Joker any more.

The coat is almost done, I just need to hem the cuffs and the bottom of the tails. Also, I've got the pants all cut out. I need to do some thinking on the vest. Luckily, I've got a lot of the fabric left over so if I mess up it doesn't matter.

Now, as for me I'm doing the costume in black and red instead of purple and red like in the game for two reasons- 1)Harley has ALWAYS worn black and red until Arkham Asylum, and 2)I have black boots. I'm not going to try and find purple boots.

As for my costume I've encountered the same freaking problem I have whenever I try and sew for myself- I have to draft my own pattern because I'm too dang skinny. But things are coming along nicely. I'm almost finished the mock up of the corset pattern- it's a red under bust that laces up the back and closes at the front with buckles. I'm using the left over satin I used for making accessories for my sister's wedding. There's a modesty panel in the front in black. My pattern has eight panels and 18 pieces of boning. I'm also using the same method of grommeting that I did for the Green Governor's Daughter dress back in the day, where I used AllRound as lacing bones. I'm going to have to do some experimenting with the straps to get them to work. The corset has sort of a racer back, and I've simply never done anything like that at all.

I'm pretty impressed so far, but I am TICKED OFF because Fabricland has discontinued my brand of eyelets. I bought out all they have at my local one, even the ones that are in weird colours because I can use those for mock ups. I'm going to go clear out the Fabricland in Burlington tomorrow.

As for everything else, I've got boots, fishnets and gloves from my Rocky Horror stuff (though I might see if I can find red fish net stockings and red gloves so I can do the half black/half red thing) I'm using my Mom's old nursing cap, and I just have to make a pleated white skirt (think cheerleader type thing) and find a short sleeved white button up.
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