Chris McLeod (rosa_draconum) wrote,
Chris McLeod


My first attempt at jeans... didn't go well. The legs fit fine, but the waistline wouldn't fit unless I suddenly became nine months pregnant with twins. The top stitching was wobbly. Lets not even talk about the zipper. I was using the pattern that came with the book "Sew U." I never even finished them, I eventually just threw the jeans away.

Well, recently I got a horrible ink stain on a pair of jeans. Considering the dress code at work is officially casual, I needed new jeans, stat.

Unfortunately, I'm kind of an odd size. CONTRARY TO WHAT EVERYONE THINKS it is actually just as hard for a skinny person to find pants as everyone else. Pants are evil. I found one pair of jeans in my size that didn't have some sort of ridiculous "super-low rise." Ew. Just... ew.

So I returned to the jeans pattern, but with way more knowledge than I had the first time around.

Oh boy, they're cute! And they fit! Hooray! There's pretty topstitching, and instead of a zipper I figured how how to do a button fly (it's a little gappy, but not bad enough to not wear) I drafted my own pockets. There's rivets and nail buttons. I embroidered the back pockets with matching hummingbirds. And they fit! No gappy back! Hooray! Pictures will follow.


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